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 THIS photo. This is the photo where it all began.

OK, no, that’s totally not true. I uprooted my family to work on a mixed use development project in Dallas. I moved away from the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived, with a newborn, my 5 year old son and my wife with her business humming along.  Fast forward a year later, I am just another number of the unemployed Americans. For a day or so I was mad at what seemed like a betrayal to my massive commitment. That’s just the thing though, I’ve never made any progress wallowing.

Since the beginning of the Covid19 crisis, I had the unbelievable feeling of wanting to do something. I am not a billionaire that can start a massive new non-profit, I have small children at home so it makes it incredibly hard to leave the house for a long period of time to volunteer time with a spouse who is also trying to keep her small business going. So, I just focused on work, made donations where I thought it would help the most and tried to keep those around me positive and safe. 

This all changed when I suddenly was gifted with a bit more free time. Realistically, my industry that I’ve spent the last 13 or so years is in shambles. It might be awhile before I can get a new gig. So until that time, I am dedicating some time to helping businesses get back on their feet with free marketing advice, links to great free tools and hopefully, a place where I can connect with others who want to lend a hand to others in an effort for the global community to get back on its feet. So, stay tuned for articles that I hope to share with you in the coming weeks. Let me know if you have any article ideas or areas you need some help with. I am here. We’ll get through this, together.


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